Will Kindle be kind to this poet? The Revolution Was Not What It Seemed. #poems #poets #poetry #Kindle

A recent article about poetry on the Kindle drew attention to problems with chopping up lines, but I’m hoping this won’t happen with my own book.

My latest collection of poems, The Revolution Was Not What It Seemed, is now available for immediate download from Amazon Kindle at £4.02. You can preview a couple of pages for free on your PC or Mac by clicking the ‘Send a Sample’ facility.

The collection comprises 42 poems drawn from the second year of an ongoing project (the complete text of the first volume, Gunsmoke and Lavender, is available for free on Scribd).

This is an important and exciting step in the publication of my own work but it also points the way to the other poets, because, although the market for poetry remains small, technology such as the Kindle offers new outlets for their work.

If you buy a copy or read it on someone else’s Kindle I’d be grateful for any feedback (please keep it clean). I’d also be happy to hear of any experiences and thoughts other writers have had as a result of publishing via Amazon Kindle.



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