Poetry recommendation: The Illuminated Dreamer by Oz Hardwick

The Illuminated Dreamer by Oz Hardwick, published by Oversteps Books.

In the absence of publicly available pics I’ve taken this one on my phone.

Oz is based in York, is also a photographer and part-time musician (and Reader in English at Leeds Trinity University College). 


I’m sure he and his publishers won’t mind if I give you a poem from this collection;


We are all together, moving
somewhere. We have travelled far
to this point, but now

we reach our destination.
We all desire something
different. We have shared this journey

patiently, held our hopes
and fears appropriately close,
but now the doors are opening.

Look once around before
you leave, and please be sure
to take all your longings with you.


Available from Oversteps Books, 6 Halwell House, South Pool, Nr Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 2RX; £8.00. ISBN 978-1-906856-14-4


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