The Smallest Arts Festival In The World (1991) – the podcast. Do your own arts without funding.

Publicly available for the first time – the recording of The Smallest Arts Festival In The World.

My wife and I held the Festival in our house in Lincoln over a weekend in 1991. It was put together on an entirely voluntary basis – no funding was sought for any of it. The participants, that is, turned up and performed for free.

The following poets and authors read: Geoffrey Mark Matthews, Sylvia Dann, Michael Laskey, Robert Etty, Rosemary Burnett, Robert Richardson, Bernard Young, Jonathan Coe, Milner Place, David Belbin, Sue Dymoke, Jonathan Davidson, Robert Edric, Keith Dersley, Martin Stannard, John McGill, Brendan Cleary, Michael Blackburn.

Geoff Middleton recorded the whole weekend on DAT and also rigged up a sound installation in the vestibule into the backyard – a sample of that is included. Afterwards Geoff and I edited the whole thing down into a 40 minute recording which was then issued in a limited edition of 50 cassettes.

The recording starts with a sound piece composed especially for the Festival by Duncan Chapman.

In addition to the readings, the Festival included a poem-slide-show by Geoff Matthews, an exhibition of artwork by Colin Davis and Inger Huddlestone, a display of the first series of my Broken Books, and the production of a limited edition piece by book-artists Les Bicknell and Jayne Knight.

Some photos of the Festival are up on my Flickr site, but many more need to be digitised.

Many thanks to Dave Kenyon for converting the original cassette recording to MP3 format.


The running order:



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