Eat More Chips, You Skinny Bastards! National Chip Week.


Just in case those of us in the UK hadn’t realised the wondrousness of the potato in its chip form, the Potato Council is launching National Chip Week 2011 under the title LOVE CHIPS. 

Do enjoy the ‘Chip Flicks’, which include ‘Titanchip’ (not ‘Tit and Chip, as I first misread it), ‘Chipfinger’ and ‘When Sally Got Saucy’.

I’m sure all of those involved in devising and producing this had a great time being ‘creative’ and all that, but I’d much prefer it if the state directed my meagre tax contributions to something worthwhile. I do know what potatoes are and I have had experience of eating chips.

Love Chips; The Potato Council.


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