Steven Van Zandt/Has the brain of an ant…

His grey matter may be good for music and acting but not for rational thought, not if his list of things Obama should be doing next is anything to go by:

  • Overturn Buckley v Valeo;
  • Eliminate all private money in the election process;
  • Ban all international military sales;
  • Eliminate all use of fossil fuels over the next ten years;
  • Ban all preservatives, steroids, chemicals, additives, pesticides in our food;
  • Ban sugar;
  • Gather Futurists to design what the country should be in 50 years and then create jobs to fit the model;
  • Create the national green energy grid;
  • Build the high speed train network;
  • Health insurance for everyone for free;
  • Moratorium on all foreclosures;
  • Lower personal and Corporate tax rates to 15% and institute a 10% acquisition tax on all financial services transactions, acquisitions, mergers, and stock trades to make up for it;
  • Eliminate all air and water pollution;
  • Ban plastic bottles;
  • Put Arts classes back into schools

In the Huffington Post, of course.


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