Away with your dysfunctional ant-heap! says scornful Scots poet.

Creative Scotland, the arts funding body, has been derided by a respected writer and poet who dismissed the quango as a ‘dysfunctional ant-heap’ and called for it to be abolished.

Don Paterson delivered his unflattering assessment for an article in an upcoming book, Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence, in which he is widely critical of the organisations remit and actions.

This ire is focussed on the Scottish Government’s much vaunted Year of Creative Scotland for 2012, an initiative which Paterson regards as ‘vapid’ as well as offensive to ‘every single other year since the Declaration of Arbroath.’

Paterson also called for the abandonment of ‘foolish, short-term, PR-driven, empty and self-conscious celebrations.’

Instead Paterson urged a move away from a ‘policy vacuum’ and neo-managerialism’ of the present set up by differentiating art from business and to entrust artists with producing art for its own sake without lavishing incentives upon pet projects.

The comments come at a bad time for Creative Scotland, which was recently ridiculed for funding a cookery programme on STV.

A Creative Scotland spokeswoman told the Herald that they valued the views of artists, but did not agree on some of the points raised.

Source: The Drum.

On a different tack: read Costa Prize-winning Joan Brady complaining about Costa Coffee coming to Devon. She doesn’t seem to have made the connection between Costa selling coffee and using some of that cash to fund the Prize. Or suttin.


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