Strewth! Australia in meltdown over Greer comments that half Queenslanders can’t read.

In her opening speech at the 50th BWF last night, Greer told more than 250 people at the SLQ that almost half of all Queenslanders have low literacy levels.

“The ABS reports that 47 per cent of Queenslanders can not read a newspaper, follow a recipe, make sense of time tables or understand instructions on a medicine bottle,” Greer said.

Source: couriermail.

This and other comments did not go down well, although it’s worth bearing in mind that according to the official figures 47% of Queenslanders fall below Level 3 on the literacy scales. Level 3 being “regarded…as the “minimum required for individuals to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work in the emerging knowledge-based economy”. 

So maybe she wasn’t far wrong, after all.



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