Elbow patches and bag ladies; a little light reading during heavy times. (Fortnightly Review).

When it comes down to the fashion stakes it’s clear that only those involved in the theatrical and visual arts should try to be stylish. Painters and conceptual artists have their own specific codes, especially eyewear, while actors have almost total rights to the artfully-draped scarf. Writers just don’t cut it. Best for blokes to stick with suits, jackets, shirts and even ties. It was good enough for true revolutionaries such as William Burroughs and Dylan Thomas (even if most of his clothes were stolen from someone else) so it should be good enough for today’s Milquetoasts. As for the women you can wear a tricorne hat like Marianne Moore if you’re going to a publisher’s party but that’s about it. Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath never dressed like bag ladies, so neither should you.

Source: The Fortnightly Review.


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