Who hates the politicians? We do!

There’s nothing like another round of pointless waffling from politicians at their sad conferences to rile the increasingly angry masses.

Old Holborn drenches them with bile:

“Let’s rebuild Britain” they say, a mere 24 months after being ceremoniously dumped by an electorate fed up with 13 years of ever increasing authoritarianism, taxation and “loony left” diktats. After bailing out worthless banks with billions borrowed from our children, Ed Balls has the nerve to stand in front of an ever dwindling crowd of freaks and political oddballs to demand that taxes on mobile phones be raised to house some of the 2 million new inhabitants he invited to take up residence.

Source: The Commentator.

Any politicos starting to get the message after their encounter with the real public, do you think?:

The audience seemed to me to represent what is now the largest single (and most neglected) force in British politics: the abstainers. More people now stay away than voted for the winning party, something that never happened before 2001. “The problem with politics is the politicians,” one man declared, to much applause. When the microphones were turned off, the politicians had a hard time getting out of the room unmolested. Even the cheery Ben Bradshaw was also tackled by an audience member who ended the conversation by shouting: “You’re on another planet! You’re out of touch.”  One remonstrated with John Denham accusing him of lying with statistics.

Source: The Spectator.

Forget your old-fashioned Marxist nonsense about working class against the middle class, etc: this is the real class divide now – the one between the political classes (and their media cronies) and the rest of us.


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