Labour’s authoritarian state – BBC a bit late in catching up with it all.

The last Labour government showed a more authoritarian side despite previously claiming to fight for the underdog and representing the oppressed.

It brought in legislation for detention without charge, ID cards, control orders and expanding CCTV systems, as terror levels were stepped up after the 9/11 terrorism attack in the US and 7/7 in London.

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti claimed that “lots of terrible things were done in the name of freedom that actually chipped away at our freedoms”.

Source: BBC.

I had to check that a) this was from the BBC and b) that it was today’s date.

Since the BBC were around all those years Labour were last in power (13 of them) you have to wonder why they never bothered reporting in any detail the repressive and intrusive legislation Blair and Brown were busy introducing. I suppose they didn’t think it much to worry about. So now you have to think why they’re catching up on this in the middle of a Labour Party conference.

The warning bell should have sounded with the passage of RIPA in 2000, but the whole of the British media were oddly silent about it. 


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