Julia Gillard is offended on behalf of all Aussie women.

Those of you with an interest in the land of Aus may have watched the clip of PM Julia Gillard ripping into the opposition leader for being sexist and misogynistic. It’s a good performance, though as it’s by a politician it’s probably 100% hypocritical.

It also shows the international left up to its usual tricks of dividing people into hate groups (“sexists”, “racists”, that sort of thing). Not to mention the increasingly offensive offence-taking which characterises so much contemporary public life.

Brendan O’Neill is spot on with regard to that:

In what was essentially a gratuitously ostentatious display of Gillard’s own emotional sensitivity to certain words and ideas, the Aussie PMcontinually played the offence card. “I was very offended” by something Abbott said about abortion, she said. “I was very personally offended by those comments”, she said about something else. “I was also very offended on behalf of the women of Australia”, she said, in relation to a comment Abbott made about housewives. It goes on and on. “I was offended too by the sexism… I was offended by those things… I am offended by their content… I am always offended by sexism… I am always offended by statements that are anti-women… I am offended by those things… I am offended by things.”

The speech was basically a big, massive offence-fest, a public display of Gillard’s ability and willingness to take offence, both personal offence and proxy offence on behalf of “the women of Australia”, at every slight or slur that she overhears.

Source: The Telegraph.



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