Ministry subcontracts to Atos who then subcontract to another….

Atos, the company contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions to carry out medical assessments of people claiming benefits, has subcontracted the NHS to carry out its consultations in Scotland in an unusual example of an outsourced contract being subcontracted back to a public organisation.

Source: the Guardian.

The Guardian is being a little coy here and should have checked further on Salus, which, it turns out, describes itself thus:

Salus is an NHS based provider of Occupational Health, Safety and Return to Work services across the public and private sectors.   We have provided a high quality, continuously improving and comprehensive range of services since 1996.  Salus has main bases in west central Scotland and north west England. In association with a network of partner organisations Salus can provide services across the whole of the UK. As a not-for-profit organisation, it operates as a social enterprise in that all surpluses generated are used to enhance NHS services to the community.

Source: uk

That doesn’t sound as if it’s purely an NHS body, but some private/public venture. Salus says they provide “an extensive range of Occupational Health, Safety and Return to Work Services across the UK” and play an important part in the “Fit for Work Programme”, another government scheme for spending the public’s money.


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