RIP Rex Hunt, a true British hero.

Two hours later, Government House came under ferocious fire from the Argentine invaders, who first attacked an empty Marine barracks. Most of the Marines were protecting Government House where Hunt, knowing he was outnumbered, pondered when he should surrender. His main concern was how many lives would have to be lost to make a point.

With cool diplomatic skill and great courage, Hunt eluded the humiliation of abject surrender. The Marines, without suffering a single casualty, drove back the Argentines who reached within 20 yards of the official residence. The invaders withdrew, having lost five men and with three seriously wounded.

Sitting in his study gripping an Italian pistol and determined to shoot the first Argentine bursting through the door, Hunt telephoned the representative of the Argentine Air Force in Port Stanley, Vice-Commodore Hector Jolibert.

Source: The Telegraph.


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