Whose Common Purpose? Don’t be shy.

The people who know best; Dark arts and links with the Masters of Spin: Daily Mail.

How the left’s old boy network helps appoint the top mandarins: Daily Mail.

We have already revealed the discreet but powerful matrix that Common Purpose — an unaccountable body — has constructed in British public life.

Its ‘graduates’ occupy important positions across the UK public sector. They are encouraged to seek advice or help from each other through the organisation’s so-called ‘360 Community’ alumni network.

Several figures recently involved in the appointing of top positions in Whitehall, the wider Civil Service, quangos and other regulatory bodies also have had direct or indirect links to the Bell-Middleton network.

Julia Middleton is herself a case in point. For a number of years, the Common Purpose founder and CEO played a role in the process of approving major public sector appointments as an adviser to Baroness Fritchie, the Commissioner for Public Appointments, at the Cabinet Office.

The leftie plotters with one purpose – to gag the press: Sun.

Public don’t prioritise press regulation: Guy Fawkes’ blog (with neat graphic from Sunday Times).


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