Something’s rotten in Rotherham (Fortnightly Review).

THE SMELL OF sulphur, as the old Ruthenian saying goes, is the Devil’s welcome. There’s certainly a whiff of sulphur in the air emanating from Rotherham today. The media and the blogosphere in particular have been enjoying the fallout from the news that two Rotherham foster parents who are members of UKIP have had three immigrant children taken away from them…

Now there may be more to this than is appearing in the notoriously unreliable British media. At the moment, however, it still looks like a blatant case of left-wing bigotry in action. The real whiff of sulphur comes from the information (dug out by the unpaid citizen journalists of the blogosphere) that there is a connection between the director of the department involved in this case, Joyce Thacker, and an organisation called Common Purpose.

Source: The Fortnightly Review.


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