Salt nazis common purpose by-election alcohol Zizek terror pricing. Saturday morning linkdump.

* The Salt Nazis.  A small but influential charity called Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH – surely there’s deliberate joke there – at our expense?) appeared on the BBC the other morning complaining that there’s too much salt in cheese and we’re all going to die unless the government makes more laws. The campaign to reduce our salt intake seems to be spreading across the country, mainly via local councils: Suffolk, Eastbourne, Wandsworth are all in the game, trying to cut salt in pizzas, bread and salt shakers in fish and chip shops, etc. Funny how they’re all working on the same campaign isn’t it? It’s almost as if they have a common purpose and are working beyond authority. CASH, oddly enough for a campaigning charity, doesn’t seem to receive any money from the government. Maybe they get support from elsewhere. PS I don’t think that “consensus” exists except between themselves.

* Leveson: the media, politicians and assorted blowhards have been on the news, not one of whom has clearly spelled out any specific piece of legislation that should or should not be enacted as a result of the report. Until you can tell me that, kindly STFU.

* Minimum Drink Pricing: this piece of inanity continues. Again the BBC the other day added nothing to general understanding on this, particularly the fact that the biggest stumbling block to the whole thing is the EU, which has basically said minimum pricing is against their competition laws. Beeb also failed to say that any increase would not be though taxation but on the price paid to retailers. Big difference.

* Zizek’s Savage Madness: the trendiest bloviator of the left says something or other about Marxism and capitalism and divine terror and stuff. Whatever. He’d be one of the first UATWs (Up Against The Wall) should the comrades get their shit together. Alan Johnson isn’t impressed.

* By-election hysteria (not): Croydon North, Middlesbrough and Rotherham: all held by The Clown Party Red Division with the The Clown Party Orange Division, now known as Clegg’s Clarts reduced to mad party status; the Tories (Clown Party Blue Division) kicked in the political cods and the UK Independence Party (aka Friends of Farage) promoted to New Boys with the Shiniest Satchel.


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