Newspapers are dying but Leveson trundles on.

I have been trying to work out just why the whole Leveson exercise is so … disturbing.

Is it because the nation’s self-esteem has shrivelled to the point that we are somehow expected to take advice from actor Hugh Grant on standards of public or private morality?

Is it because a sprawling, pompous, 1800-page report appears and then almost immediately the Leader of the Opposition bobs to the fore, wailing for its full implementation?

Is it because we are suffering from a radical case of PMIO (Post-Modern Irony Overload) when members of Parliament who have been revealed by our newspapers to have engaged in a wide range of corrupt practices (and been impressively impenitent about it) are now queuing up to “regulate” those very newspapers?

Is it because the report is skewed from the very start, in that it deliberately glosses over the murkiest aspect of the whole “press scandal”, namely the way in which police officers for years have been working closely with journalists and improperly leaking details of investigations?

All these factors and myriad more generate severe unease in any normal person. But to what do they boil down? They boil down to a paradigm shift away from any clear view of what a free society actually is.

Source: Charles Crawford in The Commentator.

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for someone in the media to tell me what legislation they want to be implemented.


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