If you send poor George a Xmas card, make sure it’s homemade and recycled.

So effectively have governments, the media and advertisers associated consumption with prosperity and happiness that to say these things is to expose yourself to opprobrium and ridicule. Witness last week’s Moral Maze programme, in which most of the panel lined up to decry the idea of consuming less, and to associate it, somehow, with authoritarianism. When the world goes mad, those who resist are denounced as lunatics.

Source: George Monbiot.

Poor old George Monbiot, overwhelmed by consumerism, Xmas, commercial tat, environmental exploitation, third world massacres, inequalities of wealth (check my piece in The Fortnightly Review), global warming and God knows what else.

Sometimes life is just so hard.

At least he didn’t start ranting about it all being a Zionist-capitalist conspiracy to reinforce the false consciousness of our inauthentic existence, etc, etc.


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