Liars to the left of us, liars to the right. And they both want to spy on us.

This is what’s wrong with modern politics:

Much as I still admire Dennis Skinner I’m afraid I have to say that on this matter he’s either a fool or a liar and therefore no better than the majority of the political class.

Where, Dennis asks, did Cameron get the idea for a snooper’s charter from?

Answer: from Labour, Dennis, which you’d know if you’d been paying attention years ago when Labour not only encouraged the EU’s version of this (passed into British law in 2009) and when Gordon Brown was trying to set up the UK’s own database (The Intercept Modernisation Programme), ie the same one that Cameron is pushing now (The Communications Capabilities Programme).

The Tory-led Coalition are doing nothing more than following Labour’s lead.

So were you awake during those years, Dennis, or are you suffering from selective amnesia?

As for Cameron, he’s lying: he says the state needs to keep up to date and extend the legislation to telephony on the internet. The existing legislation already does that. The comment about “updating” the law is a load of flim flam.

You will note that at no point in any discussion or coverage of this farrago does anyone mention the EU directive already embedded in UK law (Directive 2006/24/EC, should you wish to know).

So we have politicians of both major parties obfuscating and lying with no one calling them out, and a supine media who don’t report the truth because they’re either ignorant, lazy or biased. Or perhaps all three.

At the moment the only place you will find the facts is on the internet, so it’s no surprise that politicians around the world are working towards getting control of that.


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