The police can frame anyone – but they need the collusion of the media.

If half the suspicions that police officers, who hate the government’s cuts, destroyed a chief whip’s career without due cause are true, the vista is indeed ‘appalling’. The prospect it raises can fit into a sentence. If they can frame a chief whip, they can frame anyone. And even those who have clung on to Denning’s naïve faith, despite the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, De Menezes and Hillsborough, will have to rethink everything they thought they knew.

Source: Nick Cohen in The Spectator.

The police were successful in getting away with this because they had the full support of the media, particularly the Guardian and the BBC. The story was run so relentlessly that it was obvious a witch-hunt was under way. The Labour party was uncritically enthusiastic in endorsing it.

In fact, given the class-war angle of the accusations against Mitchell, ie he’s toff because he used the word “pleb”, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t some collusion with members of the Labour party in the whole affair.

I’m a few years older than Nick Cohen, which may explain my astonishment that anyone actually trusts the police. When I was growing up none of my peers did. We assumed they were in general arrogant, thuggish, lying bastards. That’s because they tended to be arrogant, thuggish, lying bastards whenever we encountered them. That hasn’t changed, but now they’re politically correct and vote Labour as well.


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