Brits and French in Mali. Africa the next Afghanistan?

An RAF C17 cargo plane has arrived at a Paris airbase to help French military efforts to contain rebels in Mali.

The first of two planes will load up with French armoured vehicles and other equipment before flying to the West African state on Monday.

A second C17 is due to arrive on Sunday evening. No UK troops would be deployed in a combat role, Downing Street said.

Source: BBC.

“No troops would be deployed,” says the mendacious Cameron. This display of Anglo-French solidarity is an early outing of the EU’s “Common Defence”, ie its own armed services distinct from NATO. Pooling resources with the French is one of the reasons for the government’s gradual diminution of our own forces (begun under Labour).

Once our troops have been pulled from Afghanistan, Africa is where they’re going to be deployed next, fighting other bands of Islamists.


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