Faber offers poetry e-books with audio.

Faber has launched a series of digital-only poetry e-books being described as “a new way to appreciate poetry”.

The Faber Voices series of e-books presents selections of each poet’s work with a line-by-line synchronised recording of the author reading their own poems.

The series, launching with work from Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin and Wendy Cope, is built with Epub 3.0 and available on the Apple iBooks platform.

Henry Volans, head of digital at Faber, said: “Faber Voices has the potential to bring poetry in its spoken form—read by the poets—to a larger audience than ever before. In harnessing the recordings to the written works in a single e-book we believe we are presenting a new way to appreciate poetry.”

The four launch titles are just the start of what Volans promised would be “a significant new list designed to grow as e-books themselves become ever more sophisticated”.

Each title is priced at £2.99.

Source: The Bookseller.


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