Mali media dripfeed about the EU army.

It looks like Mali is providing the EU with the first outing of its own army.

The joint venture between British and French military is pretty odd – the first we heard about it was the announcement that the RAF were going to provide C-17 transport help to the French: don’t the French have heavy-duty aircraft of their own? I can’t believe that. The French do have a tradition with collaborating – but generally not with us.

Now we’re told that British troops are going to be sent to Mali but only on what has been described as an “EU military training mission”.

The truth is being let out bit by bit in the media.

The last Labour government started the idea of military collaboration with the French, the argument being we don’t need so many ships, guns and aircraft if we join forces with the French (because they’re so good, aren’t they?). The current government are clearly following through. So now we end up helping them in their old colonial stomping ground.

Some people may recall a thing called the Lisbon Treaty (we didn’t get a vote on that, either, did we?). It contains the outline of the EU’s own military, coming under the heading Common Security and Defence Policy. Of course, in true EU doublespeak, it isn’t called an army, but that’s what it is. That’s what we’re seeing in Mali.

The idea of a common army cobbled together from the military of the EU member States and under the control of the unelected cretins in Brussels is a very disturbing idea (and no, it’s not like NATO).

I’m just wondering how long it will before the media (always at the forefront of lying about the EU) feel we’ve been softened enough to call such missions as that in Mali the “EU army”.


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