Prepare for power cuts, rationing and higher energy prices.

If our government were not lost in a bubble of complete make-believe, it would keep open those coal-fired power stations the EU is forcing us to close next month (although it may be too late), it would stop subsidising grotesquely expensive wind farms, and it would go flat out to exploit Britain’s vast reserves of the shale gas that has more than halved US gas prices in four years.

But we do not have such a government. Our lights will go out, our economy will suffer a catastrophe, our bills will double, and tens of thousands more people will die of cold in those freezing winters that our politicians were somehow fooled into believing would never come again.

Source: The Telegraph.

The green lobby consistently lie about how much windfarms contribute to our energy supply. The media are so useless they can’t be bothered to report this business properly and the political class have their heads stuck so far up their own behinds they don’t know what they’re doing.

Apart from power cuts and outages, rationing of electricity and higher energy prices, one thing is guaranteed – that the media will follow the politicos’ line that most of this is down to the greed of the energy suppliers.

And they certainly won’t be saying much about the EU’s role in all this.


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