Trendy feminists who are cool with women being battered, as long as it’s multicultural.

Here’s how it seems to go: “We are feminists. We are incredibly right-on. We read the Guardian. We disapprove of women’s breasts getting a public airing and we strongly object to the fact that boards of directors are not 50% female. We will go absolutely ballistic if anyone dare understate how vile domestic violence is, or attempt in any way to justify it. We are feminists you see. Oh, but only when it comes to white women – did we mention that?”

At this point you may, as I do, envisage them leaning forward a bit, hands back-to-back between knees and continuing – “You’re different you see. You come from funny countries where people are a bit strange and where women don’t seem to mind a punch in the mouth quite as much we would. You can’t possibly expect us to stand up with you against violence. Violence is your culture. Now, stop being such a racist and accept it”.

Source: National Secular Society.


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