Aspiration – but not as the Chancellor knows it.

THE CHANCELLOR’S CLOWNS came up with the risible phrase “aspiration nation” for this year’s Budget. They no doubt thought this was a real cracker, something to rival Miliband’s equally risible “One Nation Labour”, or whatever it was. Someone ought to tell our politicians to stop treating us like children and start issuing cyanide pills to the addlepated advisors who come up with this drivel.

Presumably they thought we’d be electrified by the image of ambitious, go-head people, fizzing with great ideas and fuelled with endless energy and about to transform the country from an over-regulated, debt-bound nation into a dynamic, shiny place full of smiley citizens. Unfortunately the wonkish wonder of the phrase triggers a different image in my mind, one that exemplifies “aspiration” in an entirely different way.

Source: The Fortnightly Review.


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