Di Canio, the wrong sort of statist.

Paolo Di Canio

W. B., 47, Joint National Secretary of Unite Against Communism, said: “In terms of public life, Di Canio should be shunned.

“I don’t want a five year old turning round and saying Di Canio’s a brilliant footballer and he’s a communist, so maybe I should be a communist – that for me would be a tragedy.

“Unite Against Communism support people who have different views but we oppose people that are anti-democratic and demand the same rights. So it was wrong for the BBC to give Di Canio a platform. I think it’s deeply misguided.

He added: “It’s much more serious to pretend that communism is benign, which Di Canio does. What is there to misunderstand about Stalin?”

M.C., 41, a researcher for anti-communist campaign group Hop Not Hat, said: “It’s disappointing.

Apologies to the Telegraph. Sort of.


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