Britain pipped only by Sweden in table of most advanced countries.

The lefties have to agree - the report's got 'social' in it.

Oh, my God, Britain’s that good? What will the lefties say?

The UK outstrips the United States, Germany, France and Japan for overall progress in living standards, infrastructure and individual opportunity according to the index designed by a team of US economists.

Only Sweden scores more highly overall in the new “Social Progress Index” (SPI), which ranks 50 leading countries by combining figures on everything from health and crime to broadband access and freedom of speech.

According to the authors, Britain’s constant efforts to “straddle” Europe and America have made it one if the best places to live in the world overall.

While European countries with often generous welfare systems score highly in the new index’s key “social infrastructure” measure, they fare less well in the “opportunity” category which combines personal freedoms with measures such as access to higher education.

Source: The Telegraph.

Social Progress Imperative report is here.

Pity the weather is shit.


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