More student raw deal contact hours shock horror stuff.


Lifted from newsobserver.

Huge differences in the face-to-face teaching time students receive at Britain’s top universities have been exposed by new official figures.

Some undergraduates – paying tuition fees of £9,000 a year – get fewer than half the hours of lectures, seminars and tutorials than others studying the same subject at another university.

Critics say the disparities mean many are getting a ‘very raw deal’ and accuse some universities of  failing to offer value for money.

Source: Daily Mail.

In my day (old fart alert) if you were reading English you went to lectures (maybe), attended tutorials (usually), and never saw academic staff in between those times. There was no such thing as “contact hours”. When you weren’t reading books ‘n stuff you were studying at The Fenton, The Skyrack or The Original Oak. Braver souls occasionally “streaked” (see pic above) – though I have to make it plain I didn’t indulge in this, the climate being inclement in the north of England.


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