The Gove Reader: Baiting the Bedlamites (Fortnightly Review).


Stolen from Ronald Searle, Genius.

It’s a measure of the soundness of Gove’s suggestion that it aroused so much bile. Everything from library closures to the accusations of conservative, authoritarian 1950s-ism was thrown at it. The latter even came along with “Latin, rhetoric and good table manners”, believe it or not (only a Guardian reader could consider those to be bad things).

One of the best comments was “He’d probably like to see Animal Farm on the list”. I’m assuming that was an insult. As it happens, this was at the time when our eldest grandson readAnimal Farm in his first year at secondary school and understood exactly what it was about. “It’s about communism, isn’t it, grandpa?” he said. “It certainly is, my boy,” I replied, “and now you know who the enemy are.” Get them young, that’s what I say.

Source: The Fortnightly Review.


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