Amazing Amazon fact: you can’t tax a loss.

Amazon parcel

Amazon pays barely any taxes because it makes barely any profit. And it makes barely any profit because it doesn’t try to, instead preferring to focus on, in the words of CEO Jeff Bezos, “proactively delighting customers” to earn “more business” from those customers. What’s amazing is that this strategy hasn’t just been weathered by the company’s shareholders – who are, presumably, hoping for a profit some day – it’s been positively embraced.

Source: the Guardian. Yes, I jest not, a well-informed and intelligent article in the (loss-making, tax-dodging) Guardian.

Mind you, plenty of the commenters remain immune to the facts.



2 thoughts on “Amazing Amazon fact: you can’t tax a loss.

  1. Insane, isn’t it! My husband just ordered a high quality ping pong table through Amazon. The first Amazon Prime free delivery yielded a heavily damaged table. The second delivery yielded half a table, with the delivery service taking away the first two damaged halves. The third delivery yielded a warped and slightly damaged table…and the return of the second delivery’s half table. Instead of getting a new fourth table, Amazon told us they would give us a near 80% discount to keep the last one that was delivered. The third rate delivery service they use for heavy merchandise is a joke. Our package was marked “for fork lift only,” but the delivery guys were dropping the boxes off the back of a truck from five-six feet above the pavement. Pretty crazy, eh? I won’t be investing in Amazon.

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