The collapse of the poetry business model. Rejoice.

All of these publishers promote the lyrical epiphany mode, with diminishing returns, from an exhausted team of poet-seers. Their dominant authority is closely linked to the left-liberal intelligentsia’s cultural stranglehold. This is weakening, although not without a fight: global events, post-2008 and – especially – the collapse of paternalistic ‘gate keepers’ (via the internet) – are eroding their power and cultural reach.

The first thing is to be grateful.

Grateful to be forgetting ill-understood – and brutally crude – ideas of markets and sales. Get stuff online, in places where it will be read. Ignore all prizes but buy and read as much as you can, from the small publishers (and Salt was one), especially looking outside the UK.

Source: Paul Sutton in Stride Magazine.


4 thoughts on “The collapse of the poetry business model. Rejoice.

  1. I really like the first paragraph of this blog post. However I don’t know what a lyrical epiphany mode is. I don’t know what a poet-seer is, what is the left-liberal intelligentsia’s cultural stronghold. What are paternalistic gate keepers? If you could explain it would be appreciated. I’m not asking to try expose you or anything, I just don’t know.

  2. Probably best ask the writer, Paul Sutton, to explain exactly what he means, just in case it’s different from my own understanding, which is: “lyrical epiphany mode”, poems built on the poet’s moments of “significant” perception (ie epiphany in artistic terms as defined by James Joyce) – I can’t say this bothers me too much; the “poet-seer”, ie, poet as endowed with some special vision or understanding of things, as opposed to being an ordinary person with a gift for writing; the “left-liberal intelligentsia’s cultural stranglehold”, the fact that academia, the media and the arts are overwhelmingly centre-left politically and therefore take a left-wing view on all matters and do not want to talk about or be seen to be taking a contrary view on certain issues (eg mass immigration, multiculturalism, etc) – this inevitably acts as a form of unspoken censorship; “paternalistic gate-keepers”, ie, mainly the editors and publishers who up till now have decided who gets published, reviewed, etc, (said gate-keepers being politically left of centre, of course, with rare exceptions). “Gate-keepers” are what we used to refer to as the poetry “establishment”.

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