Plans for minimum alcohol pricing shelved. Told you so. A bottle of cheap Hock for me tonight.


The government has shelved plans to introduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol in England and Wales.

Minister Jeremy Browne said the policy would remain “under consideration” but there were fears the change would hit responsible drinkers.

A ban on multi-buy promotions has been rejected but sales will not be allowed below the cost of alcohol duty and VAT.

Source: BBC.

Doomed from the start. Forget what the zombies in the media are telling you, here are the 2 real reasons:

* against EU competition regs (that’s the decider)
* legal challenges from the drinks industry would prove difficult, expensive and possibly insurmountable.

Told you so.

Plus the fact there is no real evidence that increasing prices would reduce abuse. Plus the fact that both binge drinking and alcohol consumption in general have been declining over the past decade.

Governed by cretins.

Mine’s a bottle of Hock.


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