UK’s first private medical school.


A controversial new university, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, will open its doors in January 2015 – to students who can afford the annual £35,000 fees.

The Buckingham Milton Keynes Medical School is a joint venture between the University of Buckingham and the Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust. The university will receive no government funding and will be a not-for profit enterprise. In defence of the high fees, a spokesperson for the University said that £35,000, nearly four times the cost of tuition fees at public universities (which are capped at £9,000), is similar to what is already charged for international students studying for medical degrees in the UK. Because it is a private institution, it will be able to accept an unlimited amount of said internationals. The University of Cambridge currently charges £33,069 per year to overseas medical undergraduates.

Source: Varsity.


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