The end of the Arab Spring or actually the beginning? Govt step down in Tunisia.

Not much reported here is the fact that Ennahda, the Islamist government elected by the people in Tunisia, the starting place of the “Arab Spring” not very long ago have had to step down as a result of mass protests:


Tunisia’s Islamist-led government has agreed to resign after talks with opponents that are to start next week.

It is hoped a caretaker government will be negotiated over the next three weeks that will prepare for new elections.

The decision marks a breakthrough in weeks of crisis involving the ruling coalition, led by the Islamist Ennahda party, and the secular opposition.

Anti-government protests intensified recently after the killing of two opposition figures.

The crisis has threatened to disrupt a transition to democracy that began after Tunisians threw out their decades-old authoritarian government at the beginning of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings.

Source: BBC.

Muslim Brotherhood ousted in Egypt, now Ennahda in Tunisia. With popular moves to more secular government, could this be the real “Arab Spring”?


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