New loop on Radio Wildfire.

There’s a brand new edition of The Loop playing on Radio Wildfire – Now playing 24/7 a selection of stories, satires, poetry, spoken word, music and interview @ – another continuous Loop of live literature and chat – available for the holiday period only and containing festive fun stirred in with a spoon or two of remembrance for times and colleagues gone.

In this festive edition …

The Loop brings you poetry with a festive slant from Jan Watts joining us after too long an absence to air her take on the season; Sarah James; Julia Deakin; and meditations on those works Xmas celebrations from Roz Goddard . and from the late Geoff Stevens..

… and stories with a festive slant from Susan Hulse; and from Female Storyteller of the Year 2013Maria Whatton.

The Loop brings you spoken word with music from Kinsame; and Radio Wildfire’s Dave Reeves’bluesy take on the Good King Wencelas story A Poor Man’s Excuse.

The Loop has some of those interviews you’ve been asking to hear again with Jane Commane’stribute to Joel Lane the acclaimed author, poet and editor who passed away in December; Greg Freeman fromWrite Out Loud; and Simon Fletcher of Offa’s Press talking about their latest anthology Poems of Shropshire.

The latest contribution to The Loop from the Bunbury Banter Theatre Company is The Puddle  by Gareth Brown,a story which will make you question every pavement puddle you see.

The Loop brings you songs and music including Lee Hubbard’s glorious celebration; the Dirty Subject’s  heartfelt cry; and instrumentals from Surreal Realm.

So join us and listen by going to and clicking on The Loop (available for the holiday period only).

(And don’t forget, you can upload soundfiles of your own work to the ‘Submit’ page of the Radio Wildfire website.  Mp3s are our preferred format.  You can also ensure you always get reminders of upcoming shows on Radio Wildfire by following us on Twitter.)

The Loop is curated by Vaughn Reeves and plays online continuously except during our live broadcast on Monday 6th January 2014 starting at 8.00pm UK time with a full programme of pre-recorded tracks, live studio guests and conversation.

We hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes and Season’s Greetings from the folk at Radio Wildfire.

Listen to Radio Wildfire at

where The Loop plays 24 hours a day.
Twitter @radiowildfire

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