More jaw jaw on the great war war.


KEEN GREAT WAR anniversary watchers will realise we have left the initial prim and decorous phase of the campaign, which opened with the government telling us in suitably prefect-like tones that the anniversary will be “non-judgmental” and not involve any finger-pointing (at the Germans, that is, who started it all).

Michael Gove’s barrage against left-wing academics for peddling an anti-patriotic campaign over the last five decades, involving Blackadder and a couple of poets, however, has thoroughly destroyed the possibility of such primness continuing.

In response to the Gove blast Sir Baldrick from Blackadder, or at least a balding, middle-aged man pretending to be him, accused the minister of “slagging off teachers”, which will probably be made a crime under a future socialist government. The minister, he roared, “has made a very silly mistake!”

Read on at The Fortnightly Review


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