Oh dear, EU commissioner boasts 70% of our laws are “co-decided” in Brussels.


Viviane Reding, EU Justice Commissioner (unelected) is in Britain to lecture us on how stupid we are to want to govern ourselves rather than have people like herself do it for us.

Here’s a tasty quote from the EU-compliant BBC:

She said Brussels had even been blamed for Britain’s floods. “I didn’t know I’m so powerful that I can make the rain fall,” she quipped. (Indeed, you can’t make the rain fall, but you are responsible for the regulations under which member states have to deal with the problems of flooding, as people in Somerset and the Thames Valley are having to do. Nothing to do with the EU’s Water Framework Directive, of course, that environmental and ecological policies are taking priority over human ones.)

She said there was little awareness that “the most powerful parliament in Europe is the European Parliament – because it is co-decider with the member states on EU laws. (The European Parliament is a toy parliament that rubber stamps the policies of the EU Commission. The Commission is the real power driving the project. Ms Reding is a member of that Commission, which, as if turns out, is elected by itself and not the peoples of Europe.)

“Seventy per cent of the laws in this country are co-decided with the European Parliament.” (Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear, that’s torn it. I don’t think anyone will be deceived by the “co-decided” bit. Now she’s admitted what a lot of people have been saying for years, what are all those Europhiles who’ve been denying the 70% is true going to say?)


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