“Rapacious paraphilias” – strewth! are they dangerous?

Germaine Greer is smart but sometimes also a show-offy, academic smartarse.

Read her review of Sophie Hannah’s anthology, The Poetry of Sex and you’ll encounter “rapacious paraphilias”, “the venerable tradition of Fescennine verse”, “hyperbolic euphemism” and “swiving”, the first two of which sent me to the dictionary (or should that be “dick-tionary”?) while the last already lay safe in my literary word-bag, since I had used it in a poem of my own (“Doogie Showed Me His Cock” – and no, it’s not what you think).

I am, however, much taken with Rapacious Paraphilias, which sounds like a damn good title for something. Or else a nasty rash you get from swimming in an Australian river.


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