New Loop on Radio Wildfire (18 July 14).

There’s a brand new selection of tracks now playing in The Loop on Radio Wildfire – playing 24/7, a selection of stories, satires, poetry, spoken word, music and interview @ – another continuous Loop of live literature and chat.

There’s Words with music and soundscape from Lee Foust, Florence; Andrew Barnes, UK; Mark Goodwin, UK; and from David Michael Jackson, USA, and his Artvilla recording label featuring a poem by Janet Kuypers, vocals by Esteban Colon.

Unaccompanied poems packed with emotion and beautiful imagery from Sharon Ashton

An interview with Michael Myshack talking about his blog for all things connected with poetry and sound Poetry and Other Sounds, a place for the spoken word poetry community to gather and discuss.

This month the Bunbury Banter Theatre Company give us a haunting story of obsession, and the past coming back to confront us, in The Gentlemen’s Agreement by Jonathan Bridle.

… and there are tracks recorded live at this year’s Ledbury Poetry Festival, including an extract from J.O.Morgan’s contemporary riff on an epic Old English poem At Maldon, a superb feat of fireside storytelling weaving modern imagery with a historic tale of warfare;

… and the dawn reading which rounded off Ledbury Poetry Festival’s all-night Insomnia poetry workshop held outdoors in the grounds of Hellens manor.

… plus, from the Radio Wildfire Archive a song from Alex Vann and a satirical look at the Farming Diary from Tony Judge.

So join us and listen by going to and clicking on The Loop

(And don’t forget, you can upload soundfiles of your own work to the ‘Submit’ page of the Radio Wildfire website. Mp3s are our preferred format. You can also ensure you always get reminders of upcoming shows on Radio Wildfire by following us on Twitter.)

The Loop is curated by Vaughn Reeves and plays online continuously except during our live broadcast on Monday 4th August 2014 starting at 8.00pm UK time with a full programme of pre-recorded tracks, live studio guests and conversation.

We hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes from the folk at Radio Wildfire.


Radio Wildfire is an independent online radio station which blends spoken word, poetry, performance literature, comedy, storytelling, short stories and more with a novel selection of word/music fusion and an eclectic mix of musical styles. currently broadcasts live 8.00-10.00pm (UK time) on the first Monday of every month.


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