Sunk Island Review – a full list of contents.


Back in 1988 I had the idea of creating a new literary magazine. That came to fruition in 1989 as Sunk Island Review, a paperback of new fiction, poetry, reviews, translations and life writing. It lasted till 1997, when I ran out of steam. In that time, however, I published a range of poets and writers from Britain and abroad, including many who were at the beginning of their careers – Jonathan Coe, Nicholas Royle, Conrad Williams, Hilary Patel, David Almond, Jackie Kay, Richard Zimler, etc.

In 1992 I devoted a whole issue to new European writing, since this was an area sadly neglected at the time. That issue was entitled Carnage – the slaughters of the Balkan wars had already started, so it seemed apt. The issue contains a large number of poets and fiction writers from some of the furthest reaches of Europe – where else, for instance, are you ever going to read work by the most famous Catalan poet of the time or a story from Greenland?

A complete list of the contents of the magazine is now available on Scribd.


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