My money’s on the hated Peter Hitchens being right about the EU referendum. #EU #EUBastards #PeterHitchens

Then there will be negotiations at which we will be told the EU has abandoned some of its ‘red tape’ or diminished its demand for ever-closer union, or postponed some other power-grab. This will not be so, but when Mr Cameron, haggard and exhausted after night-long negotiations, emerges into the Brussels dawn to claim his triumph, the rest of the EU will keep quiet about the fact that there is no triumph, just as they kept quiet about the fact that he did not actually wield the veto in 2011. Winners don’t need to boast. They can let the losers vaunt themselves and brag, if it helps the real winners get their way…

And then all the Tories who have mingled for months with EU opponents , as if they were friends, will say ‘Mr Cameron, with charm and grit, has won a great and historic deal for Britain. Now we can in all conscience vote to stay in…

And precisely because they have feigned sympathy so well, and pretended to be in favour of leaving if the right conditions aren’t met, their defection will be all the more effective. And the nation will vote heavily to stay in, and the issue will be dead until the EU itself breaks up under its own strains, spitting us out into a pitiful loneliness we weren’t brave enough to choose when it might have been some use to us.

Source: Mail on Sunday


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