Official: Guardian is the Viz of the chattering classes. Kim Jung-on not that bad really. #peakguardian

kim jongununun

Just the other month, he caught one of his generals falling asleep during a meeting. The president promptly had him marched out to a field and shot at close range with an anti-aircaft gun. Admittedly, this seems, at first glance, to be excessively barbaric. And, in fact, some folk later began to doubt the veracity of the tale…

I hope that the North Korean people also have a right good laugh when they see footage depicting us as naive, sleepwalking simpletons. All they have to do is click on to any UK news outlet. Then they would find out that for centuries the UK has been governed by a tiny elite drawn from some of the most privileged families in the UK and that we, the idiot punters, all think we’re in a democracy.

They would discover that, despite possessing riches beyond the imagination of North Korea, we have one of the most unequal societies in the world. To their horror, they would also discover that hundreds of thousands of UK children live in grinding poverty.

Source: The Grauniad.


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