Russell Trews social reality lizard media truth global change Brand thing. Will return.

About a month ago Russell Brand promised that his YouTube channel, The Trews, would be undergoing a revamp. All that truth-telling about politicians and big, bad corporations and media, not to mention the supreme failure to convince the British electorate to vote a lefty loser into Downing Street, had taken its toll.

He promised that when The Trews returned it would reveal “the truth behind all reality,” which sounds a big deal to me. I suspect what he meant was that he’d be talking about lizard overlords, spirituality and similar Icke-like stuff.

In the latest  vid, entitled Final Episode Of The Trews, he says he’ll be going away to be “learning, understanding, developing”. Not taking an OU degree course in Philosophy or Politics, obviously, but to live outside the “crazy kind of discourse” he’s been engaging in. Thus he has forsworn social media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, which is a great loss to the world of comedy.

We can but hope he returns soon and lets us in on the “truth behind all reality” and all that change-coming-soon rhetoric. And lizards, I really hope he talks about lizards.


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