Michael Foot’s KGB moniker was BOOT.


A leading supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Foot also passed on what he knew about debates over nuclear weapons. In return, the KGB gave him drafts of articles encouraging British disarmament which he could then edit and publish, unattributed to their real source, in Tribune. There was no protest by Foot to the KGB over the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, and he quite often visited the Soviet Union to a top-level welcome. The KGB classified him as an agent, codenamed BOOT…

There is an honest democratic Left in this country, which rightly believes that its version of social justice is compatible with defending Britain against exterior threats. There is a hard Left which hates everything about our culture and nation and works to subvert both. And then there is a sentimental Left which, while not violent or totalitarian itself, makes endless excuses for those who are. It is full of what Lenin called “useful idiots”.

Michael Foot came in this third category. He lived to a very great age, but he never grew up.

Source: The Telegraph


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