Met Office sacked because of EU rules. Expect this to be all over #BBC. Not.

The media were certainly caught out by the shock news that the Met Office has, after 93 years, lost its contract to supply the BBC with its weather forecasts. It should not have taken long to establish that this is because, under an EU directive on public service contracts (2004/18/EC), the BBC is obliged to put its contracts for weather services out to tender. The tender documents were there for all to see on the EU’s TED (Tender Electronic Documents) website.

The preferred bidders, it seems, are Metra, a commercial arm of the New Zealand Met Office, and Meteo, originally launched by a Dutch weather presenter back in 1986, but now headquartered in London as part of a group owned by an equity investment fund.

One odd thing about this new arrangement is that the bulk of the data used by the winning bidder will still have to be supplied by the UK Met Office, derived from its unrivalled network of data sources, ranging from its 330 UK weather stations and 16 weather radars to information from 300 ships, airliners etc, providing 106 million weather observations a day…

Source: The Telegraph

Not something either the BBC or the Guardian really want to you to know, for some reason.

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