An absolute shower of rotters. #CurrenteCalamo

Politicians and social justice warriors:

THE LATE ACTOR Terry-Thomas, who always played the part of quintessentially British gentleman cad, was famed for his catchphrase “you’re an absolute shower,” as a term of abuse or disapproval.  It’s one of those phrases and sayings that has gone out of fashion but deserves to be revived, like “when in Rome do as the Romans do,” which should be stamped across both hands of every immigrant into the country, in English on one hand and in their native language on the other. Likewise “sticks and stones may break my bones but your words can’t hurt me,” should be beaten into the consciousness of every thin-skinned social justice warrior who has hysterics on Twitter and elsewhere every time they detect a micro-aggression against their favourite victim group.

Source: The Fortnightly Review.


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