A radical proposal. #Brexit #Remain


The purpose of the European Union is to create a single European state in which the individual member states are subsumed into and subservient to the government in Brussels. A vote in the referendum for remain is a vote for political union.

Those who wish to live in that European state should be able to do so. But to do that they should leave Britain as it currently exists and settle in one of the EU’s other vassal states. Ireland, for instance, since that’s not far away and is never going to secede from the EU.

That will leave the rest of us with Britain, the country we want, the country most of us were born in or have adopted as our own, the country we love, the country that should be ours to govern as we see fit, the country that belongs to us. The rest can go and be good little Europeans elsewhere.


Read my book if you want to know why cupcakes are fascist.


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