Police virtue-signalling in Lincolnshire.


BRITAIN’S POLICE FORCES seem to have agreed amongst themselves that their real purpose is not deterring crime and catching criminals but pulling increasingly embarrassing stunts in public to signal their political virtue . Hence they show us how seriously they take our safety by complaining to supermarkets for labelling female sanitary products as “feminine care”, displaying their painted blue nails (anti-slavery, somehow), dressing up in bear costumes and wearing red high heels — not all at the same time.

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There’s no virtue-signalling in my book.


The leftist love-in with Islam.

IT CAN’T HAVE escaped the intelligent observer that the left — and what we can call the Establishment in general — is more than indulgent towards Islam. It is truly, madly, deeply, pathologically besotted with it.

Whether it’s Merkel opening her country up to a million immigrants or the other leaders of the West dribbling inanities about Islam being a religion of peace or the police and other authorities ignoring the systematic sexual abuse of thousands of girls by Muslim gangs, etc., to the immediate response of the media to every terrorist atrocity with blatherings about solidarity, unity and a condemnation of the threat from a phantom right-wing, the message is clear: Islam is a marvellous, wonderful, humanity-enriching culture that cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act in its name, and those of us who aren’t Muslims (affectionately known as kuffars) must prostrate ourselves in admiration and submission to its every wish.

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A review of Tommy Robinson’s Enemy of the State.


PERHAPS NOBODY’S NAME evokes so much self-righteous shuddering among the bien pensants of Britain than Tommy Robinson’s — not even that of Nigel Farage. They’re both routinely labelled right wing, far right, racist and Islamophobic, and Robinson qualifies as football hooligan as well, something which he openly admits he has been.

He is something of a turbulent priest, or more precisely, turbulent oik, since much of the animus against him (as I argued in a previous piece here) is driven by old-fashioned class snobbery. Robinson and the EDL are uppity and dangerous working class types of the patriotic sort and the establishment, especially the left, hates that kind of thing.

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Sucks To Your Revolution – Annoying the Politically Correct


At last – an antidote to the relentless stream of leftist whingeing on Facebook, Twitter and the media, Sucks To Your Revolution is a selection of my articles for the Currente Calamo column of The Fortnightly Review.

Whether it’s the increasing bands of prodnoses trying to control what we eat, think, say or learn, or the phoney revolutionaries like Russell Brand inciting us to turn the world upside down for the sake of some vague socialist utopia, Sucks To Your Revolution spares none of them.

Articles include:

Stop the March of Cupcake Fascism (yes, eating cupcakes now officially identifies you as a fascist)
Sucks to Your Revolution (the bien pensants wring their hands over the immiserated classes)
Sunnis, Shias and the Religion of Peace (say no more)
The Unintended Horses of Consequence (the EU, Romania and the horsemeat scandal)
Clowns against the Stagnant Quotidian (the Brand buffoon)
Gok Wan’s Bangers (Aussies, boobs and unfunny comediennes)
Kristallnacht in Slow Motion (the growth of acceptable antisemitism).

Plus a new look at Chesterton’s forgotten 1915 classic, The Flying Inn, with its prescient theme of the attempted Islamisation of Britain.

It’s available now in the Kindle Store – Sucks To Your Revolution – at £1.99.


When Nietzsche and the Prophet came to England: Chesterton’s The Flying Inn.


SOMEWHERE IN THE  bowels of the internet I came across a mention of G K Chesterton’s lesser-known novel, The Flying Inn. Chesterton is not much read these days and this particular novel, which was published in 1914, is not one of his best known. What made The Flying Inn sound interesting was that it described the attempt by a British aristocrat, Lord Ivywood, and his progressive friends to impose prohibition on Britain and Islamify the country at the same time. A flame-haired Irishman called Dalroy, an archetypal English publican called Humphrey Pump, and an aristocratic poet, Wimpole, armed with a keg of rum, a large cheese and the sign of Pump’s defunct pub, “The Old Ship”, thwart this plot. Ivywood ends up alive but insane.

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Take offence, please, but stop demanding censorship – or worse.


The real scandal in the Liberal Democrats is not leading the news. Extremists are menacing the career and life of a Liberal Democrat politician and respectable society hardly considers these authentically scandalous threats to be a scandal at all. The scandal, in short, is that there is no scandal.

The reasons for the attacks on Maajid Nawaz are so bland, it makes me yearn to live in a grown-up country where I could shrug them off. But we don’t live in a grown-up country and I had better explain. The BBC asked the executive director of the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremist thinktank, on to a discussion show. Two atheist members of the audience wore T-shirts showing Jesus saying: “Hey” and Muhammad saying: “How ya doing?” I beg you to keep the innocuous nature of the cartoon at the front of your mind as we descend into a modern Bedlam.

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