ONE OF THE surprising things that has happened to contemporary British politics is the disappearance of any understanding (or practice of) positive public presentation: PR, as we used to know it, when big hitters like the Conservatives and Labour spent millions on publicity gurus to make them look good to the public. They all seem to have forgotten the old adage that appearance is 90% of politics.

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The leftist love-in with Islam.

IT CAN’T HAVE escaped the intelligent observer that the left — and what we can call the Establishment in general — is more than indulgent towards Islam. It is truly, madly, deeply, pathologically besotted with it.

Whether it’s Merkel opening her country up to a million immigrants or the other leaders of the West dribbling inanities about Islam being a religion of peace or the police and other authorities ignoring the systematic sexual abuse of thousands of girls by Muslim gangs, etc., to the immediate response of the media to every terrorist atrocity with blatherings about solidarity, unity and a condemnation of the threat from a phantom right-wing, the message is clear: Islam is a marvellous, wonderful, humanity-enriching culture that cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act in its name, and those of us who aren’t Muslims (affectionately known as kuffars) must prostrate ourselves in admiration and submission to its every wish.

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Muckety-Mucks and Fashy Cuts. Hair and the left.


Orwell with a half-fashy

The muckety-mucks are nothing if not interfering prodnoses (that’s one I forgot). When they’re not busy trying to destroy cultures and economies they like nothing better than calling people fascists for what they eat and drink. Now they’ve moved on to identifying them by their haircut. They’ve even named a hair style for them, the “Fashy”. That’s to the point and easy to remember.

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Civilisation – who needs it? More in The Fortnightly Review


EVEN WHEN IT IS making one of its generally excellent documentaries on art or history the BBC these days cannot help but have its presenters slip in a bit of propaganda promoting multiculturalism, diversity or mass immigration. In the first episode of a recent series, Art of France, Andrew Graham-Dixon took us through Seine-Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris, to view the “truly varied faces of this modern nation”, ie, the mainly Muslim faces of North Africa. France, he later said, has always been “a nation of mongrels,” which is just a version of the “nation of immigrants” mantra repeated by those who usually don’t live in areas populated by immigrants but are happy for others to do so.

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The May trajectory.

AFTER CAMERON’S SWIFT self-defenestration from the job of Prime Minister and politics in general, Theresa May found herself Britain’s new leader. A remainer, and therefore typical of the majority of Conservative MPs, she has had to work out how to handle the referendum result. Should she soft soap the electorate into accepting a pretend exit from the European Union by means of delay and prevarication? Or should she bury her Europhile tendencies and do her best to deliver full exit as the British people asked?

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Guardian Street Party Queen Bollocks Whinge


A list poem of useful phrases for all Guardian scribes when writing about the Royal Family, patriotism, the English and the British.


Royal Wedding whinge
Street parties whinge
Union Jacks whinge
Performative cheeriness whinge
Englishness whinge
Back to the empire whinge
Middle-class nationalism whinge
Confected history whinge
Cultish signifier whinge
Sadomasochistic Toryism whinge
Far right whinge
Football supporter whinge
England flags whinge
Chinos whinge
Racist whinge
Boarding schools whinge
Chummy nationalism whinge
Colonial history whinge
Kitsch nationalism whinge
Cupcakes whinge
Enforced pageantry whinge
Forelock-tugging whinge
The Queen whinge


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EU Border Guard – perfect example of the Monnet method. #Brexit #Remain

A timely example of the Monnet method, ie, engrenage, as mentioned in previous post:

Improving the management of the EU’s external border is no longer just an aim, it is an emergency, according to an EESC opinion adopted today. But this should not be done at the detriment of fundamental human rights, notably the right to asylum and the right to free movement in the EU….

The Border Guard must be akin to a civilian police force, not a military force, adds the EESC in its opinion. The European Border Guard should be well trained and organised in order to fulfil its key missions: to rescue people and provide adequate care in respect of fundamental human rights and of the principle of “non-refoulement”.

Source: European Economic and Social Committee

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